Rental Property Listings

Student Rentals Near Radford University
I offer student rental apartments, condos, and houses around the Radford University campus.  With each listing is a picture and description of that rental, with its current availability.
Investment Property  Have you or your parents ever considered purchasing property for you to live in while at RU? If so, contact me. I am a full time Realtor with the real estate sales department of Bondurant Realty in Radford Virginia. I have extensive experience identifying, purchasing and managing investment real estate properties near Radford University, Virginia Tech and areas in between. I sell investment properties all over the New River Valley, and usually have a selection of great homes for sale near the RU Campus.

Location  Most of my student rentals are within 2 blocks of the RU campus. 

Quality  I maintain my rentals in top condition, and offer 24 hour emergency maintenance.

Leasing   I offer individual leases for rent, collective on damages. Not everyone does. Make sure you understand EXACTLY what you are signing! Security deposits are usually one month's room rent per person. I require each student resident to have a parent co-sign, guaranteeing rent and any damages. (if you are new to renting off campus, this is common in the area) I welcome questions from parents. If you have the ability to document sufficient income and credit ratings, that will be acceptable in lieu of a guarantor. FYI: This does not include a monthly check from parents to dependent students. All subject to standard application guidelines.

Availability  Note, that each property is marked with its availability. Typically the current residents have until around November 1 to renew their lease for the following year, but sometimes I will know sooner. If you are interested in something, please let me know, even if it's not yet available, just Email Me and let me know which properties you are interested in and I will contact you as soon as they are available! Please look through the list of properties on the links below and feel free to email me with any questions. I welcome questions from parents!

Residential Rentals
For families and individuals relocating to the area, I have rental homes and apartments in Radford, Fairlawn, and Christiansburg.

Relocation  I offer short term leases to people who are relocating and need an apartment while they are searching for a home.  It is so easy! You can sign a one year lease for an apartment, you can then stay there as long as you need; two months, six months, 2 years it does not matter,  we will let you out of your lease upon closing on a house (of course you must use my services to buy the house.)  The rent is the same as any other tenant would pay, in the $750-850 range per month depending on bedrooms and features.  We are the only real estate agency in the New River Valley that offers this.

Houses  I also have several single family homes for rent in the Radford, Fairlawn, and Christiansburg areas that may be available from time to time.  Some houses may also offer a similar buy a house, get out of the lease provision.

Commercial Rental Property
If you are considering opening a store, or moving your business to Radford, I have extensive experience in identifying, purchasing, and managing commercial property.  
Business Properties  Contact me for information about available retail, manufacturing, warehouse and other commercial rental property.

Disclaimer; Bart Castleberry is a licensed real estate agent in Virginia and may have an ownership interest in some of the properties for lease.
Bart Castleberry
Bart Castleberry
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