Relocating to the New River Valley

Radford        Montgomery County         Pulaski County

Claytor Lake    Dublin    Riner     Fairlawn

I love working with clients moving to the New River Valley, which includes the above areas.  I have many links to local information on my site to assist you in relocating to the area.  I also maintain a physical collection of materials I think would be helpful to one attempting to learn more about our wonderful communities and purchasing real estate here.  If the information you are looking for is not on or linked to from this website, I probably have it in my office!  Feel free to call or email and let me know what kind of information you are interested in.  Please don't hesitate to be specific. 
If you are a first time buyer or it's been a while since you bought or sold a house, feel free to look at an overview of the buying and selling process.

I Offer More!
Relocation packages:  Much of the information you would want in a relocation package is available on this website, as I have set it up as my "virtual relocation package." The links include information about the area as well as demographics.  After looking through the links, please contact me with remaining, more specific questions, I can answer them both by providing information from my files as well as by scheduling a phone consult at your convenience.   
Tours of the area: If you are considering a move to the area and will be visiting us, please contact me, I would be happy to schedule a time for me to give you a tour of our area.  I can give you a brief overview tour in 2-3 hours, depending on the areas we cover.  I work with many of the local business that often recruit employees from out of the area.  If they have not already scheduled a tour with me, ask them to, I would be happy to coordinate a tour with your interview.   
How much do homes cost in the New River Valley?  Just e-mail me and let me know what area you plan to move to and the type and potential price range of houses you are interested in, I will send you a list of current listings and sold listings in that area.  
Short-term housing: Last but definitely not least!  I offer all my relocating clients the option of flexible lease / short-term housing.  I can offer 1-3 bedroom apartments, in a nice setting in Radford, walking distance to grocery stores and convenient to Radford University and a short commute to anywhere in the New River Valley.  A few reasons this might be valuable to you:  
If you are moving to the area, but your current home has not sold ? No Problem!
The sale of your current home falls through for some reason, but you still need to move- No Problem!
If you can't find the right home to buy here before you move- No Problem!
If you would like to move here, and get more of a feel for the area before purchasing a home- No Problem
If you do rent from me but find your dream home a few months later- No Problem!

It is so easy! You can sign a one year lease for an apartment, you can then stay there as long as you need; two months, six months, 2 years it does not matter,  we will let you out of your lease upon closing on a house (of course you must use my services to buy the house.)  The rent is the same as any other tenant would pay, in the $450-$650 range per month depending on bedrooms and features.  We are the only real estate agency in the New River Valley that offers this.  Contact me for more details to or to discuss reserving an apartment.   

I also have several single family homes for rent in the Radford and Christiansburg areas that may be available from time to time.  Contact me to check on availability.
Bart Castleberry
Bart Castleberry
1300 E. Main Street Radford VA 24141