Radford Student Rental Apartments, Condos, and Houses

I offer student rentals close to the Radford University campus.  In fact, most of my rental apartments and condos are within two blocks of campus.  I offer individual leases, and welcome questions from parents.  Each property is marked as to its availability. 

I try to have the best units in the best condition in Radford.  I am in the middle of a multi year energy efficiency upgrade.  Many units feature extra high efficiency heating and AC, advanced insulation and air sealing, spray foam insulation.  Every single renovation or improvement is done with a green and efficiency focus.  Carpet has been removed from most units and replaced with hardwood and laminate reducing allergens, making cleaning easier.  

Rentals marked Available are available for the 2019-2020 school year, with leases starting from mid May to late summer 2019.
email  bart@realtorbart.com or call 540-449-9675 today for a showing!

If it's marked Pending or May be Opening, please e-mail me and I'll let you know asap when it opens up. Pending means I am waiting for someone to sign; it could still become available.

Want a price including utilities?  I can work one up, just ask.  
Need storage between leases?  I can usually provide some.  
Need a particular piece of furniture, esp main area ie kitchen table/ couch, etc?  Just ask
Most 3-5 bedroom units will also come with a 50"+ flatscreen in the living room.  Just ask!  

Rentals marked Leased or Rented are already rented for the 2019-2020 school year.

Address LeaseAvailabilityRent Room
 / Apt
BedroomsBathsBlocks to RUSide of Campus
440 / 880211Light
1022-B Grove AveJuly
410 / 820 211Light
1104-A Grove AveAugustRented through 2020595111Light
1104-B Grove AveMayRented through 2019475111Light
1108 Grove Ave August
Rented through 2021

1501 Grove AveMay
425 / 127523Light
1104 Clement StMay
Rented through 2020
450 / 1275311Light
111 1/2-A Third AveMayAvailable for 2019-2020365 / 730212Light
111 1/2-B Third AveJuneRented through 20205751.5 (one plus office or small BR)12Light
1208 West StAugustRented through 2019720216Light
524 Calhoun St #16AugustAvailable for 2019-2020325 / 10252 or 311Dark
524 Calhoun St #20AugustRented
350 / 700211Dark
524 Calhoun St #21AugustRented through 2020350 / 17504 or 52.51Dark
524 Calhoun St #23AugustAvailable for 2019-2020350 / 17503 to 52.51Dark
525 Davis StMayRented through 2020370 / 1480421Dark
1706 Downey StAugustRented 
1250436 - 7Light
927 Gilbert StJulyAvailable for 2019-2020425 / 16753 or 423 - 4Light

200 Sullivan StJulyTBD775213Light
1026 A
Grove Ave
1026 B
Grove Ave
1026 C Grove AveJuly Rented 
1028 Grove DJuly Rented thru
575 211 Light

The Light and Dark sides of campus refer to the western and eastern residential areas adjacent to RU. The sun sets behind a tall ridge directly over the east side, causing that side of campus to get dark about 15 minutes earlier than the western side. The Light and Dark side terminology was started by students in the mid-90's and has stuck ever since. Prior to that, the west side was the "7-11 side" and the east was the "Deli Mart side", referring to the two most popular convenience stores on each side. Interestingly enough, for much of that time there was a Deli Mart on both sides of campus.

Disclaimer; Bart Castleberry is a licensed real estate agent in Virginia and may have an ownership interest in some of the properties for lease.
Bart Castleberry
Bart Castleberry
1300 E. Main Street Radford VA 24141